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How do I register for the 10K Steps Walking Program?


Obtain your registration URL from your 10K Steps from your program administrator. If you don't know who this is, contact your Benefits Dept. This will take you to the New User Page.

Complete the first page of information and Continue

If you would like to link your Fitbit so that your steps automatically load to the 10K Steps Program, click the "Link Your Fitbit" button.

Complete the fields in the remainder of the page and click "continue"

Click the "save" button

Once you have registered successfully you will receive a Welcome email.


If you cannot locate the program coordinator at your company overseeing your fitness activity program, or locate the flyer/announcement sent to employees that included the registration link, contact support at http://www.10kactivityprogram.com/support/ and be sure to include in your request the name of your company or sponsoring organization. 



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