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I tried "Fitbit not syncing" steps without success.


If you have ensured that your smartphone Fitbit app has the most current step information and you went into My Preferences in the 10K Activity program and click sync without success try these additional steps:


1. Connect to fitbit.com and ensure that you are logged in as your own user. Double-check that it shows your fitness activity over the last two weeks correctly.

2. Connect to 10kactivityprogram.com, log in, and open the Preferences page

3. Unlink from the existing Fitbit account

4. Link to your active Fitbit account (it will be an automatic process without prompting for credentials)

5. Open the calendar view and confirm that Fitbit data appears correctly. Note that the Fitbit sync will never overwrite any steps entries that have manually been entered for previous days; it will only fill in values for days that do not have any records.


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